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Interoperability Made Easy

AIR Connector is a fully managed, completely outsourced middleware solution. It breaks down data silos, reduces manual tasks, and eliminates errors without the heavy resource investment of building, managing, and supporting integrations.

Unlike other middleware tools, AIR Connector is not limited by industry or application type. We can map, filter, translate, transform, and validate data in all formats across clinical, transactional, financial, and other systems to give you actionable, accessible data.

ย  AIR Connector is powered by world leading technology. Our extensive integration experience allows us to offer a growing library of integration accelerators to streamline and speed up integration projects. This keeps project costs low and saves you time and money.ย 


Why Integration Matters

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Better Insights

  • Access a complete 360ยฐ view of your patients with accurate, up-to-date information to deliver a better patient experience
  • Aggregates and centralize your data across systems for action and analysis to help you make better, more strategic decisions
  • Improve patient communications and personalize content

Improve Security

  • AWS technology to host and manage your data to meet core security, privacy, and protection standards
  • Adherence to SOC and HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Data encryption to securely and safely transport only the data for which it has explicit permission to move

Enhance Productivity

  • Leverage automations from the beginning to end of patient care, including registration, intake, and discharge
  • Eliminate redundancies and reduce the manual tasks of healthcare workers to help providers focus on patient care
  • Streamline appointment scheduling, resource availability, and reporting