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AIR Platform is more than just a solutions company

It was built out of necessity from the gaps and challenges we saw our clients facing in our consulting partner company, CopperHill. We developed healthcare specific solutions for our clients, and we were able to package them for repeatable, scalable use. For this reason we evolved the product side of our business into AIR Platform as it is today.

We’re Healthcare Experts

Healthcare Experts with 75+ certifications, 70+ integrations, 250+ projects, and a 5-star rating.

 Our products, AIR Connect, AIR Warehouse, AIR Engage, and AIR Healthcare Data were crafted with the consumer in mind.

From our extensive background in HLS, interoperability, and consulting we have created the most efficient middleware tools and integration options on the market.

Along with our experience in the HLS field we partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), because they provide services and products to companies just like ours so that we can offer unique solutions for our clients.

The AIR platform wasn’t something that we sat down and tried to invent because of perceived problems. To us, the reason it’s so powerful is because it had a natural evolution that allowed us to grow alongside it.

We saw similar issues everyday in the clients that we implemented for, and thus created a solution to address these specific pain points. AIR Platform and our products allow us to simplify integration, eliminate data silos and swivel chair, enrich analytics, and much more solely due to our teams’ hundreds of years of consulting experience working in Salesforce.

You don’t have to just take my word for it, let’s hear from the team!

“Our goal is to reduce costs, offer a better overall experience, and provide the greatest services to our clients’ patients.”

– Andrew Vose, CEO

“We saw it every day in the customers that we worked with on the consulting side. The solutions we built should be available not just to CopperHill but to everyone.”

– Tyler Wax, CRO

“Our team has a lot of business experience outside of Salesforce and outside of HLS, which helps us understand how business works, and how different client infrastructures should work together.”

– Kristin Waychoff, V.P. of Client Services

“Having a smaller, more team/family approach allows us to deliver a high quality product while also being available for client troubleshooting and maintenance.”

– Paul Kukk, CTO

“CopperHill is a consulting company that is constantly looking to find ways to be more efficient and help our clients. Our team found gaps in the healthcare solutions available, especially around interoperability. This is the reason we created the AIR Platform.”

– Danielle Duva, Director of Marketing